Thursday, 17 May 2007

today In school I..... by Katie May

Today we did a spelling test.It was about Antarctica.It was the best test ever because I love spelling tests.They sometimes hard but sometimes easy.I also painted my modrok chair. I painted it dark pink.


Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Viking ships by Connor Shacklock Marais

Vikings need their ships so they can travlle around the world to invade

viking homes by Jenny Cline

Most vikings lived in farm houses.They were made of timber

planks,woven branches with turf or thatched roofs.

In the middle of the room there is an open fire set to give

heat and light .Vikings build 'smithy's' they used iron tools and

utencils.They have holes in the tip of the roofs so when they are

cooking the steam will lead through the gaps.

Viking clothes by Ife sadiku

The Vikings people came from three countries of
Scandinavia:Denmark,Norway and Sweden. They were also
know as the norse people. They were mostly farmers,but some worked as craftsmen or traders.

Viking Jobs by Ruvimbo Kufa

The Vikings used to have jobs but most of them were really hard. The mother always had to stay at home and do the rest of the jobs. They had to teach their sons how to fish and fight and teach their daughters how to cook and do all the housework. Even the slaves had to clean.

The Vikings.

Some Vikings were very strong and violent people.

The name "Viking" comes from an old Norse word meaning"sea raiders."

The Vikings were people who lived in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.
By Amy Lewis.

Viking clothes by Ellie Foote

Find clothing intact after being buired for hundreds

of years is very unusual in archeaology.

The fabrics vikings used for clothes were

mostly wool and linen.

Jewellery by Abbi Bowen

Viking men and women wore brooches.

Brooches were used to hold clothes in place.

Viking clothes by Callum Ruddy

Vikings clothes were very rare that hadbeen buried underground for hundreds of years Viking women were buried fully dressed when they died. When Viking women were buried the boat was set on fire.

The Vikings by Jamie Gunning

The Vikings were orignated from their homeland in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark) they began to raid sevaral coasts and rivers o0f Europe.

Viking homes by Connor Shacklock Marais

The vikings homes are called longhouses and if they had animal the animal would be sleeping on the other side of the building and you will have to sleep on the other side

Vikinghomes by kieran Templeton

Most vikings were farmers and lived in small villages near water often. The vikings houses where on hilltops so that they could see people.Either enemies or friends apporoching the village from a long way away.

Vikings tade by Taydee mccormick

For 300 years ,from the 8th to 11th centuries ,the vikings took the world by storm.In search of land,slaves,gold,and silver,These brave warrions And explores set sail from thier homes in norway , sweden,and denmark.They raided all across Europe, voyaged as far as baghdad. And even reached Amarica .

Viking homes by Katie May

Rich people have houses called long houses.Long houses

are meant to be up to 30m long.They have loads of rooms.

There are about 8 rooms altogether.There is a main room,

a bathroom, two kitchens,two bedrooms,a dining room and

a music room.